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仮庵の祭り part2


マイカ ローレンス

Release a Breakthrough Joyful Shout


5777 "主の剣が(主の言葉が)地上を巡る年"

5777 Sword of The Lord ruling the Earth

仮庵の祭り Feast of Tabernacles.

神様が私たちの備え主です。God is our Provider



As I mentioned on Saturday, I was looking for my new cars winter tires. I really wanted the original alloy with winter tires but could not find it after searching for three weeks. I even went to the Tyre dealer and asked about the price and he mentioned it would be 150000yen. That was a little too much. So i declared to Yahoo Auction. That my vars tyre set will appear. Literally in 20-30 minutes this came out “2015 Atenza Wagon winter tyre set” I was amazed. It arrived last night and i opened it this morning, it is like brand new. I was amazed by Gods awesomeness. The price was very reasonable too. Praise the Lord


God showed how amazing he was during this Feast of tabernacles


God is our everything. This is what we remember during the feast of tabernacles

備えを求めましょう. Ask for Provision

助けを求めましょう Ask for Protection

癒しを求めましょう Ask for healing

力を求めましょう Ask for Power

全てを求めましょう Ask for everything


Celebrate and have a wonderful week . Enjoy the week